Sunday, 1 June 2014

Me-Made-May '14: The final week, and some reflections

So, Me-Made-May '14 is over! It was the first time we participated, and I think I can safely speak for Jen as well when I say we thoroughly enjoyed it! We'll go into our reflections on the week gone by in a minute, but first, those final few days:

Day 26 - Monday 26th May

Uh-oh, photo fail! This was a rainy bank holiday and I pretty much stayed in my (not me-made) PJs all day, bar half an hour when I wore a repeat of day 8's outfit to pop to Waitrose for some food . So I'm not counting it as a total MMM fail!

Day 27 - Tuesday 27th May

Jen wore spotty Pattern Runway Coffee Date Dress (unblogged). Boots are Clarks.
Jen says: This was a typical day at work but as it was a little chilly out I decided to wear my coffee date dress with boots and tights. This isn't the most comfortable of dresses to wear for a long day at my desk but I'm glad I gave it one wear during MMM.

Day 28 - Wednesday 28th May

Elena wore grey wool Simplicity 2451 (blogged here). Jumper is from Primark and shoes are Clarks.
Oh dear, I need to clean my mirror. Anyway, this skirt often gets pushed aside in favour of my grey Hollyburn and I'm not sure why, as I really like it! My office was FREEZING last week so I paired it with this cosy jumper. The shoes added a little brightness to an otherwise grey day :)

Day 29 - Thursday 29th May

Jen wore adapted Dixie DIY ballet dress again (to be blogged soon). Shoes from Topshop. 
Jen says: A very reliable and comfy one. Nothing more to be said that hasn't already.

Day 30 - Friday 30th May

And another photo fail! Gah. On Friday I wore a repeat of day 10's outfit, my stripy unblogged Darling Ranges, but didn't love it half as much as I did that day. Despite my adjustments improving the fit a bit I'm still not happy with the bodice. So I got home on Friday and promptly threw the dress on my refashion pile - I'll chop off the bodice, add a waistband, and have a nice button-front gathered skirt instead. One day I may also have a good look at the Darling Ranges bodice and try and perfect that fit.

Day 31 - Saturday 31st May

Jen wore her new Gabriola skirt (to be blogged soon). Tee from charity shop (originally Zara), belt from charity shop. 
Jen says: Just finished this make and I love it. Perfect for a summer's day like this one. More in the future blog post about it.

Jen's thoughts on her first MMM

It's really helped me realise what I should focus on sewing more of the future. Comfy knits and wardrobe basics are definitely things I need more of and keep coming back to, especially for typical days at work. I also really like an interesting print to make me feel like I'm wearing something that will brighten my day. MMM's been a really valuable lesson and although it's been a little tedious having to take the pics I think it's been worth it.

Elena's thoughts on her first MMM
My most-worn items this month are definitely my cake: plain-coloured skirts and knit dresses - comfy clothing and pieces that can be livened up with a print top and colourful shoes. Must make more ballet dresses and Hollyburn skirts! I've really enjoyed MMM, though I second Jen's thoughts on photo-taking. At least I had her to share the month with - I don't know how some people did daily snaps!

So that's it from us! We've really enjoyed seeing everyone else's MMM posts (so much inspiration!), and will hopefully be back for MMM '15 next year!
Elena x


  1. Love your last two outfits Jen, you pick the best prints! So glad MMM is over, I learned a lot too though.

    1. Thanks Katie! Yeah I'm actually really glad it's over now, but it's a good experience!

  2. Your outfits are so cute! How did you like the Coffee Date pattern? It's really cute!

    1. Thanks Sonja! I liked it a lot - there were definitely some fitting issues but I think I've remedied them all. I think if I made it in something with a tiny bit of stretch I'd wear it a lot more. This version feels very dressy and not totally comfy for a day of sitting at my desk. All in all it's a good'un though!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha yes my love! Need to get my arse in gear and photograph and blog that one :)


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