Sunday, 11 May 2014

Me-Made-May '14: Week 2

Yo yo yo. So it's end of Week 2 and Me-Made-May '14 is still going strong! Let's see what we've been wearing this week, shall we?

Day 5 - Monday 5th May

Jen wore her elephant-print Grainline Scout Tee (blogged here) and DIY chevron necklace again (blogged here). Skirt is H&M, shoes are Topshop, and belt is charity shop.
This was a bank holiday so no work, woohoo! I wore this to go wedding dress shopping with a good friend, and to have lunch and prosecco in the sun on King's Road. A great day and a good outfit for it. I love this tee - it's so simple and yet goes with a lot of stuff. I get a lot of compliments about it because of the great print. I wear it far more than my other woven Scout tee (blogged along with this one - see link above.)

Day 6 - Tuesday 6th May

Elena wore her Dixie DIY Ballet Dress (blogged here). Necklace is Accessorize, cardi is H&M and the boots are New Look.
Elena says: This was a work day and I was desperate for something comfy, so chose my favourite Dixie DIY ballet dress - basically wearing presentable pyjamas. It's very easy to dress up so I felt really good in the outfit all day. Must make more!

Day 7 - Wednesday 7th May

Jen wore her Dixie DIY ballet dress hack (as yet unblogged - coming soon). Boots from Clarks.
A normal work day, sitting at my desk, so I wanted something simple and comfy but pretty. This is a relatively new make but I've worn it a lot already and I love it.

Day 8 - Thursday 8th May

Elena wore Simplicity 2177 dress (blogged here). Jumper is H&M.
Elena says: I was working from home on Thursday so was less concerned about looking presentable. I chose another comfy one - Simplicity 2177 - and thew an H&M jumper over the top. I like the way this dress looks with a jumper, and I think the hem band (added at a later stage because the original dress was too short!) adds a nice bit of interest to the dress.

Day 9 - Friday 9th May

Jen wore her Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress (blogged here). Boots are Clarks. And new hair (eek!)
Again, this is a great one for feeling comfy yet presentable at the office. I love the shape of this dress, and the print of the ponte knit.

Day 10 - Saturday 10th May

Elena wore Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress (unblogged). Shoes are Dorothy Perkins and belt is second-hand.
Elena says: The weekend! Finally. I actually made this dress last autumn but never wore it as I was unhappy with the fit of the bodice. The centre front opening gaped inbetween the buttons and there was excess fabric at the shoulders. I made myself sit down this week and fix these issues - I added more buttons on the bodice to eliminate the gaping, and added small darts at the shoulders to get rid of the excess. About an hour of fixing, and now I love it! I think it looks good with tights, and was perfect for lunch out with friends and lounging at home on a vaguely drizzly Saturday.

Day 11 - Sunday 11th May

Jen wore floral Grainline Scout Tee (blogged here).
This is the other woven scout tee. Today was a totally lazy, slouchy day at home, doing a bit of DIY, a bit of sewing, a bit of this and that. I don't wear this one very much but it is the loosest, slouchiest tee I've made so out it came today. I wore it with jogging bottoms which are unbelievable unflattering, hence no pic of those!

So that's our week. Getting through the me-mades at a considerable pace, so the next couple of weeks might get a bit more challenging!

Jen x


  1. Love the new hair Jen, and your ballet dress hack looks cool - great fabric! Elena's Darling Ranges is super pretty too, good job fixing the fit.

  2. I like the new hair Jen! And I love your elephant scout tee - every time I see that fabric I verge on buying some...

    1. Thanks Kelly! You should, elephants seem to really make people smile...

  3. Hello lovely ladies! I just wanted to say I'm loving your MMM and always enjoy your makes so much! Louise x

    1. Lovely Lou! So awesome to meet you on Saturday. Can't wait to meet up again soon! x

  4. Jen your hair is GORGEOUS and I love the Tilly dress!


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