Sunday, 10 November 2013

the TARDIS skirt and an upcycled sorbetto

I absolutely love love love autumn. It brings so many good things - mulled wine and hot cider, cosy knitwear, glorious crisp sunny days, the excitement of Christmas approaching, and of course, the most important thing...

Autumn sewing!

Excuse the wrinkles!

I kicked off my Autumn sewing this year with a sort of Frankenpattern of a skirt that I'd been idly musing on for a while. It's a mash-up of the Colette Ginger and Megan Nielsen Kelly skirts, chosen because I love the button-up style of Kelly but the pleats (especially in the back) of that pattern were never flattering on my generous badonkadonk. I much prefer an A-line shape, so a mix of Ginger and Kelly seemed perfect. I dubbed this skirt 'Gingerly' to myself whilst making it, but it has now become the TARDIS skirt, for reasons that'll expand on in a second...

Nautical buttons!

Fabric-wise, I'd been on the lookout for a nice rust-coloured corduroy for a while, and was so pleased when I found this stuff on Truro Fabrics. Stupidly, though, I didn't read the description very well and was disappointed to find it quite lightweight. I umm-ed and ahh-ed for a while, debated finding an alternative, thicker fabric, but then a friend suggested the genius idea of underlining it with a stiffer cotton, effectively using that as an attractive version of a sew-in interfacing. And I had just the stuff!

This awesome galaxy-print cotton was harvested from a Tesco children's duvet, bought about six months ago for a Deer & Doe Belladone (yet to be blogged!). I had loads left over, and it was a perfect stiffness for underlining this skirt, not to mention frickin' cool. It also gave the skirt it's name, because it's bigger on the inside, y'see?! Fnar fnar.

Ahem, sorry :D

Construction-wise this went really smoothly. I cut each pattern piece (except the pocket facing) in both the cotton and corduroy, then tacked the pieces together before working with them as usual. I mainly used the Ginger pattern pieces but adjusted them for the front placket as per the Kelly front pieces, and I reduced the height of the waistband to 3cm about as I'm pretty short-waisted. I completely forgot to interface the placket, which was a stupid move, as the fabric really likes to wrinkle around the top of that area. Oh well, something to remember for next time!

The top I'm wearing here is also newly-made; it's a Colette Sorbetto. More indie pattern loving! I upcycled the lovely silk fabric from a faux-wrap skirt I found in a local charity shop, and I had only just enough for this top! To make the pattern pieces fit I had to hack about 2 inches off the length, which makes it a little short for wearing with low-rise jeans and trousers, but I think I prefer it tucked in anyway.

Like a few other people who've made this pattern I inverted the pleat and stitched it together partway, as this fabric doesn't hold creases very well. I used a bog-standard shop-bought bias binding for the neckline and armholes. Boring but straightforward!

I really love this pattern. Come next summer I can see a few cotton versions making their way into my wardrobe!

So that's my autumn/winter sewing off to a good start! Hopefully in the next few months I'll add to it with a McCalls 4769 shirtdress in a mid-blue chambray, a Dixie DIY ballet dress in dark blue floral ponte knit, a chiffon New Look 6808 top, and a bucketload of knitting.

How about you guys? I'd love to hear about your autumn/winter sewing plans!

Elena xx


  1. Great skirt - I love the lining! I bet the Belladone you made from that material is fab!

    1. Thank you Ruth! The Belladone will be perfect if I can just get the fitting issues sorted!

  2. I'm so pleased that someone else makes clothes out of duvet a charity shop duvet cover hunter-though i never thought to buy kids duvet covers new! :)

    1. Hehe, they work brilliantly, dont they? Such a good source of fabric!

  3. I love doctor who... This tardis skirt is so awesome

  4. I love this outfit, especially the surprise on the inside of the skirt. The red is really lovely too.


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