Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pinned it! Made it! or: check out my purdy plates

Oo-er. Ahem.

On Tuesday evening my friend Cat and I trundled on down to The Book Club in Shoreditch, London, to partake in a little plate-decorating frivolity. The event was run by the fabulous Pinned it! Made it! girls, who hold their events on the third Tuesday of every month. The premise is simple: you love Pinterest, you pin away to our hearts content, but how many of us actually get around to making all the beautiful crafty things we pin? Even an at-home craftaholic like me is keen to admit that an evening of crafting with like-minded lovelies and a glass of wine in hand is a fantastic idea. And the best part? They supply everything you need and at the end of the evening you walk away and leave the mess for others to clear up! How often does that happen at home?!

Last night’s craft endeavor was to re-create designer/maker Lou Rota’s beautiful decorated vintage plates, as previously sold by Anthropologie and currently available at I adore the look of these plates – vintage in style but with fun and quirky additions… that’s me all over. Plus, what with my impending house move I could see these fitting perfectly in my new flat.

Image via The Curiosity Project

Excitement personified.

Cat and I arrived and were promptly greeted by our friendly hosts and other crafters. We were ushered to the bar (who am I kidding? I made a beeline ;)), where a cocktail was on offer that had been specifically created for the evening. How’s that for attention to detail? I stuck to my usual tipple though and had a lovely glass of red wine.

Cat hard at work.

Pretty soon everyone had arrived, and about a dozen of us gathered round to hear the girls tell us all about the plan for the evening. The wonderful thing was that although we would be creating a magnificient item of beauty (not an exaggeration), it was also really quite simple to do! Plus they even had a nifty instructions handout and were on hand to offer help and advice throughout.

Such concentration.

And so the next two hours flew by in rush of crafting bliss. Cat and I created these beauties below, and I have to say that every single plate created at the event was amazing, and so individual. I can’t wait to put mine up in my new kitchen.

Tickets were £25 which I think is well worth it for an evening of fun and everything supplied for your amazing creation. If I sound incredibly enthusiastic it's because I genuinely am; I love stuff like this. SUCH FUN. With a different craft to create at each even you're bound to find one you can't resist, sooner or later.

My finished plates. Whaddya think?

Has anyone else been to one, or similar crafty events they can recommend?

Jen x


  1. That sounds amazing! My mind is spinning with ideas now, because I am not based in London anymore I am finding events like this thin on the ground (and have had to make one of my own!! Thank you for sharing, I love the plates you made and I shall definitely be watching my Pinterest pins more closely from now on!! xxx

    1. Hi Laura, yes it was great fun! Maybe you should host your own, that would be fun! x

  2. The are great, love them both and pretty envious of the evening,

  3. Looks like a great evening and you have some lovely plates from it


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