Sunday, 4 August 2013

the happiest fabric in the world

Hello there! I hope everyone has had a joyous weekend. Mine was lovely - packed full to the brim with a family BBQ, dog-walking and movie-watching with friends, and a little (much-needed) swimming thrown in for good measure.

The family BBQ on Saturday was the perfect opportunity to wear my newest make, and during the afternoon Jen snapped some photos for me in my brother's front garden in St Albans. The pattern is the Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress, available on Etsy as a PDF download (fast becoming my favourite pattern-obtaining method - no waiting!). This is the first Pattern Runway pattern I've used, but it definitely won't be the last; I love that their designs are modern but still very wearable, with just the right touch of glamour. I also have the Coffee Date Dress, the Easy Short Sleeved Dress, and the Draped Skirt all ready to be tackled (ooh, and the most beautiful rust and cream polka dot crepe de chine earmarked for the Coffee Date Dress!). But I digress...

The pattern is a complete and utter joy to work from. It has a princess seams on the bodice front, which help give some really nice shaping, and darts at the back. I was a bit of an idiot with sizing and cut a medium all-round, completely forgetting that, duh, my shoulders and back are at least a size smaller than my waist and hips. As a result I ended up with gaping at the back neck, which I got rid of with a couple of small darts. After having worn the dress for the whole day on Saturday I decided the gaping at the front was also a little more than I'd like (you can sort of see it in the photo above), so I'm going to add a couple of smaller darts there. Next time I make this (and there will be a next tinme!) I'll go a size down in the bodice. 

I love the pockets on this dress - they have very cute gathers around the edge and are finished with bias binding. Such a nice little touch!

The dress has an invisible zip at the centre back, which technically wasn't a problem, but next time I think I'll swap it for a side sip - far easy to use solo! In fact, I notice the version photographed in the pattern pics on Etsy have a side zip (you can just about see it in the side-on view), so perhaps the Pattern Runway peeps also thought that was a good idea :)

It's Cousin Itt!

The fabric is a crepey something-or-other given to me by my wonderful godmother. In fact she gave four metres in total to both me and Jen, so we split it in half and took home two metres each. Watch this space for Jen's iteration! I'm absolutely awful at guessing fabric types, but it's crepey to the touch, is very light and soft, and drapes beautifully. And I think the print is just wonderful.

The bodice is lined with a plain white cotton that used to be a pillowcase of my mum's. So this really is a thrifty make!

I can definitely see more versions of this in my future; I think it would work really well in a heavier fabric for autumn/winter.

I have a few more things in the works at the moment - I still need to photograph my Deer & Doe Belladone and latest Scout tee to show you all, and have just started work on a Victory Patterns' Anouk Dress. Anyone out there tried that pattern and can offer up any tips? I'd love to hear from you!

Elena x




  1. Fabulous! It's like a completely different beast to mine so obviously very versatile. You've done a super job as always. xx

    1. Ah, thanks hun! Yep, I think different fabrics can totally change the look of the dress. V excited to try a winter version! xx

  2. Gorgous week-end dress! Love that fabric and the pattern. On a side note, my sister used to live in St. Albans. I used to love going there for long summer week-ends and BBQs :)

    1. Thanks Elise! St Albans is gorgeous, isn't it? There's a vintage shop there that I keep meaning to check out - The Fleetville Vintage Emporium. One day! x

    2. Thanks Elise! St Albans is gorgeous, isn't it? There's a vintage shop there - The Fleetville Vintage Emporium - that I keep meaning to check out. One day! x


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