Tuesday, 11 June 2013

a colourful Cambie

I'm so, so pleased to be sharing my very first Cambie dress with you today. Hooray!

I can honestly say that this is the best thing I've every made - not just in terms of how much I love it, but technically too. The pattern is, of course, the Sewaholic Cambie dress, and it seems I'm one of the last people in the blogosphere to make one, but it took me a while to find the perfect fabric for this baby.

Please excuse the wrinkles!

The fabric is a medium-weight cotton, bought from Fabrics and Trimmings on Etsy. I bought two yards (about 1.8m), which was the perfect amount, and it was really reasonably priced. In fact, I think the shipping from the USA was more than the fabric itself! So worth it though.

I made view A, as generally I'm more of an A-line skirt wearer, but will definitely try the full skirt version in the future too. Before cutting into my fabric I made a muslin of the bodice in a straight size 8, and it fit absolutely perfectly! No adjustments needed whatsoever. The only alternations I made during construction were tiny ones - I made my waistband slightly wider so that my chartreuse velvet ribbon would be the perfect size to be stitched over the top, and I hacked maybe a couple of inches off the hem. 

The chartreuse ribbon around the waistline was actually a bit of a happy coincidence - I found a metre of it on a stall in Walthamstow market about a fortnight after I'd bought the fabric. The colour was a perfect match! I just topstitched it over the normal waistline before attaching the lining. Speaking of lining, I just used a plain cream-coloured viscose from my local fabric shop.

I'm pretty sure It doesn't need to be said, but I'm going to anyway - this pattern is a gem. Like all Sewaholic patterns, the instructions are fantastic, and Tasia even provides a couple of more in-depth tutorials for attaching the lining to the zip and sewing in the sleeves on the Sewaholic blog. 

I couldn't resist trying a Tilly pose
This is one of my pricier makes, but it's so special that I don't mind! Here are the sums:

Pattern = £0 (birthday pressie!)
Main fabric = £23.91
Lining = £6
Zip = £1.50
Velvet ribbon = £1

Total = £32.41

Still pretty darn good!

I see a good few more Cambies in my future, but am torn as to which to try next... perhaps a plain work-friendly one? Or a summery gingham one, like the beauties Roisin has produced. Oh my, too much choice!

Elena x


  1. Yay! I've been eagerly awaiting this one. It's glorious - that fabric is one in a million and you've done such a beautiful job. No wonder you're pleased! You look positively edible in your Tilly pose, too.

  2. lovely - this turned out beautifully and the ribbon over the waistband is a great touch. great job!

  3. Nope...you weren't the last person in the blogosphere to make a Cambie, apparantly I am now! :) I've had the toile made up for ages! I am being picky about what fabric to use and then whether to make a sensible one for work or a funky one for fun...sigh...in the time i've procrastinated I could have made both!

    1. Ha, I kniw what you mean Jo! I say make both :) I can't wait to see yours!

  4. This is a beautiful dress! I have the Cambie pattern in my stash and STILL haven't gotten around to making it. Next year, I swear!

    And BTW, I've been following your blog for awhile (but I don't think I've commented before) and nominated you for a Liebster Award (http://creativecounselor.wordpress.com/).

    1. Ow, wow, thanks so much! What an honour.

      I can't wait to see your Cambie! The pattern is wonderful, I'd recommend it to anyone.

  5. Great job, the dress is so pretty and I am in love with your shoes!

    1. Thank you Zoe! Hehe, the shoes are my favourites, and so comfy - good old Clarks!


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