Sunday, 17 March 2013

Renfrew and Ginger - double whammy

Happy Sunday everyone!

Lately my sewing endeavours have gotten as out of whack as the recent weather we've been having here in the UK (seriously, SNOW this morning. WTF?). I had planned to spend this week working on a muslin for my latest project, a lovely little dress from a vintage Style pattern found in my local Oxfam, and was going to show you my progress this weekend, but I came down with some horrible viral lurgy on Tuesday that completely scuppered my plans. Struck down in the pribe of libe!

So, the muslin is still a work in progress. It's not all bad, though, because it means I can turn this into a 'hey-look-what-I-made' post and show you two of my recent finished projects - the Sewaholic Renfrew top and the Colette Ginger skirt.

In my opinion, both are absolute winners. This is my second Renfrew, but the first I wasn't at all happy with, and in all honesty I haven't worn it since. That was all down to my colour and fabric choice though, and nothing to do with the pattern itself, so I was determined to have another go.

I found this lovely lacy knitted fabric in my local fabric shop, Masons. I was a little disappointed that it's quite sheer, but loved the colour so decided to go with it anyway. It's not too much hassle to always a wear a vest underneath.

As far as the construction goes, it was just as heavenly as last time. This time around I shortened the sleeves by about 5 inches, as I always find it easier to wear 3/4 length sleeves.

Yeesh, would you look at those roots?

Full disclaimer up front: this skirt was 100% inspired by Handmade Jane's beautiful denim Ginger skirt. Nay, not just inspired by - pretty much a blatant copy of. I know fashion's all about influence and imitation (The Devil Wears Prada taught us that!) but credit where credit's due - so thank you Jane :)

For some reason, I've been all about making skirts recently: McCalls 6439, two Sewaholic Crescents, and a Colette Beignet (yet to be blogged), but by far this has been my favourite to make. And it's the first Colette pattern I've made!

Excuse the wrinkles - I'd been wearing it all day!
I only came across one roadblock whilst making the skirt, and that was that my heavy denim was far too sturdy for my fragile little invisible zip - it went in perfectly and was looking good, but when I went to pull it closed the thing broke. I was far too impatient to wait another week until I could get to the shops again, so I replaced it with a normal zip.

I also used a bit of lightweight cotton from my stash instead of denim for the facings, to reduce bulk. I love the 70s floral pattern! 

I'm chuffed that I squeezed this skirt out of one metre of fabric. One metre!

Bonus silly picture. I'm pulling the stupidest face. Jen took these pictures - this is what happens when we get together.

Here are the stats for both projects:

Pattern = £0 (already made)                                                    
Fabric = £7.50
Notions = 10p

Total: £7.60. What a steal!

Pattern = £15
Fabric = £14
Notions = 20p

Total = £29.20. Not quite such a bargain, but still not bad. The skirt is so wearable that I can see the cost being justified.

So a big thumbs up in all. Two patterns that I'm certain will see the light of day again. I'm already thinking a corduroy Ginger might be needed for next Autumn, perhaps with some piping and front pockets like Sunni's version

Anyone else hooked on Ginger like I now am?

Elena x


  1. Lush lush lush. And I love those shoes, too! x

    1. Ah, thank you hun! I can't take credit for the shoes, they're Jen's ;) xx

  2. Love it! For some reason I never considered making a ginger from denim. Thanks to my bronchitis (i was also struck down in my pribe of libe!) and the subsequent cracked rib from coughing(!) progress has been embarrassingly slow. I'm making a muslin since I have annoyingly big hips and didn't want to chance the sizing! But maybe i'll consider denim for the actual make!

    1. Ah, thanks Jo! And I can sympathise with the big hips problem ;) Isn't it annoying when waist and hips aren't in proprtion to each other?? I hope your Ginger goes well!

  3. oh I love this whole outfit. And you've reminded me how I need a denim Ginger in my life. Love the Renfrew too... all round fab! x

    1. Thanks Shivani! By the way, I hope your sewing machine is ok! x


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