Sunday, 17 February 2013

a rather sensible Crescent

With this project I've definitely found a new favourite pattern - I present to you my first (and definitely not my last) Sewaholic Crescent skirt!

For a while I'd been feeling the need for a simple black skirt for work. We're not allowed to wear denim in the office, and whilst I do have a black pencil skirt that goes quite nicely with a handful of tops, it's the last thing I want to wear when I'm having a 'fat day'. And so I set out to fill this hole in my wardrobe, and make something easily-matchable, suitable for my curvy frame, and yet still pretty. The Crescent fit the bill perfectly.

Arg, black is so tricky to photograph!
This is the second Sewholic pattern I've tried, after my Renfrew, and I'll just come out and say it now - I'm in love. It helps that Sewaholic patterns are made for pear-shaped women like me, but it's also more than that - the instructions are so smart and easy to follow, and this skirt was simply a joy to make. I cut view A in a size 6 according to my measurements, didn't make a muslin (I was feeling lazy/daring!) and didn't have to make any alterations - the fit was perfect straight off. Yay!

Where this skirt does fail a bit is in my fabric choice. I chose a simple linen/cotton blend, thinking it would be the easiest thing to sew with - which it was. Sadly it also wrinkles like a mother, and without a slip it clings to my tights like crazy. Plus it attracts so much dust and stray threads that I have to run a lint brush over it after every wear. Still, sewing's a learning curve, and these are all things I'll bear in mind when choosing fabric for my next project :)

Aside from the fabric fail, this skirt gets a big thumbs-up from me. The construction has so many little pleasing moments, from the waistband with its jigsaw-like assembly, to Tasia Sewaholic's genius zip insertion method. I even enjoyed hand slip-stitching the hem, and I usually hate hand-sewing. I jazzed my hem up with some polka dot hem tape, just to keep things interesting.

Inspired by (ok, completely copying) Shivani, I've decided to keep a record of the costs of each item I make. Mostly because I'm just curious, but also because I'm certain that since I started sewing my own clothes, the amount of high street shopping I do has dropped dramatically, and I want to see how the costs compare. So here's the breakdown:

Pattern = £0 (borrowed from a friend!)
Fabric = £6
Notions = £1.50

Total = £7.50

Nice! Not even a Primark skirt would cost that little, and mine is made to a far higher standard than that (even if I do say so myself!)

On another note, today is our little blog's first birthday! Jen and I have both enjoyed the last year tremendously, so here's to the next!

Elena xx


  1. Love it!! It looks great on you and the whole outfit is adorable.

    1. Thanks Jamie! Can't wait to see your Mad Men creation, by the way!

  2. Yay! You, and it, look gorgeous. Happy blogiversary! xx

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