Friday, 28 September 2012


January can be ever so depressing, don't you think? Christmas is over, there are no bank holidays until April, the weather is still crap... and so you start daydreaming about the spring. That's exactly what I was doing last January - though, more specifically, I was daydreaming about spring clothes. Floaty dresses and sandals and sunglasses, oh my!

And so I decided to sate my appetite with a little browse on Sew Direct, and lo and behold, came across this little beauty - Vogue 1086.  

So purdy! I loved the gathering around the bust in particular (hey, anything to help). One trip to Mason's later and I also had my fabric - a very pretty blue cotton with a pattern of white birds. I got home (ever so excited), cut out the pattern pieces, cut my fabric...

...and then nothing. I didn't do a single further thing on this dress for 5 months. I don't even know why! Other craft projects got in the way, maybe? Well, that's the excuse I'm going with. I was finally prodded out of my slump by an invitation to a friend's wedding, and the prospect of a special debut occasion for the dress. Long story short(-ish), the construction went swimmingly. The pattern contains lots of lovely little 'couture' elements - French seams, binding on the zip - which make it really interesting to sew.

I should have said that the construction went swimmingly... until I tried it on. I had cut a size 14, going by the measurements on the envelope, and it swamped me! I should have known - I'm not usually a 14 in dresses, but I trusted Vogue. I was also very silly not to make a muslin first, but hey, you live and learn. The sizing was quite easily fixed by bringing in the side seams and neckline. 

Gah, goofy posing.

It still ended up a little too big, and, in retrospect the stiffness of my cotton fabric prevented it from draping well, but I'm happy with the end result. 
Anyone else made Vogue 1086 before? What did you think?

Elena x

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  1. Yay! So great to see it here in all its glory. You did a cracking job (taken from someone who has seen those beautiful seams up close). xx


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