Tuesday, 4 September 2012

the easiest skirt ever

I love buying fabric. Even if I don't need the fabric - in fact, particularly if I don't need the fabric - if I don't even have any particular project in mind for the fabric, I love buying the stuff. I think it appeals to the shopaholic in me - I get to spend money, but it feels like I'm spending it on something useful, something that has potential. Something that could soon become my 'absolute favourite dress', or my 'top that goes with everything'.

So imagine my joy when six weeks ago, whilst at Truck festival with Jamie, I found the perfect source for new fabric - stalls selling buckets and buckets of beautiful, one-of-a-kind scarves, throws and sarongs. And cheap, too! So I had a really good rifle through. I had to dismiss a few of the pretty scarves I found, as they just weren't large enough to make anything substantial. In the end I settled on a dusky pink cotton sarong, about 2m by 2m, with a lovely black Aboriginal-style print, for just £5. What particularly drew me to the sarong was its border, which I knew would work perfectly on a skirt or dress: 

My 'Truck fabric'

So in to my stash the sarong went, and I started thinking about which pattern to use it on. We were going through one of this summer's warm spells, and it dawned on me one day that I didn't own a single simple summer skirt. A dozen summer dresses, yes, and plenty of more formal, all-year-round skirts, but none that screamed summer. Fifteen minutes later, after a quick browse on Sew Direct (and a lot of telling myself not to be put off by the really rubbishy styling on the pattern cover), I had ordered Kwik Sew 3794:

A bit naff, no?

I was so looking forward to making this skirt - my lovely friend Crafty Minx had recently tried a Kwik Sew pattern, and had extolled the virtues of the sturdy paper the pieces were printed on. On top of this, their instructions are so easy to read, and the diagrams even include parts in red ink (as opposed to black) to demonstrate each step. The pattern was such a pleasure to work from, and I sped through making the skirt, which really was the simplest I've ever made. The pieces were literally four rectangles: front, back, front waistband, back waistband, with shaping achieved by gathering and elastic at the waist. I made the shorter of the two lengths.

Oh-so-pretty gathers

I deviated from the pattern only to add a lining of black cotton, as my 'Truck fabric' was slightly on the see-through side.

And here it is finished. I think this is a pattern that will definitely pay for itself - I'm going to make a dozen more! It's a classic shape and style, but different lengths and different fabrics will all breathe new life into it.

Elena x

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  1. Amazing! That definitely says 'summer'. :-) You are very clever. xx


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